Brian Allen, M.D.

SpecialityInterventional Cardiology

Brian Allen, M.D.

Brian Allen, M.D. is a comprehensive cardiologist whose journey reflects a deep commitment to delivering exceptional patient care. After obtaining his medical degree from Ross University School of Medicine, Dr. Allen’s early years of post-graduate medical training included two formative years in a Family Medicine Residency at LSU. It was during this time that he recognized his true calling in cardiology. Driven by this newfound passion, he embarked on a transformative path to specialize in the intricacies of the heart.

Dr. Allen’s pursuit of excellence led him to complete an Internal Medicine Residency at Dell Medical School at the University of Texas in Austin. This experience not only deepened his medical knowledge but also instilled a holistic patient-centered approach that remains a hallmark of his practice. He went on to complete a fellowship in Cardiovascular Medicine at LSU Health and Science Center in New Orleans. This fellowship equipped him with the expertise to diagnose and treat a wide range of cardiac conditions. Building on this foundation, he pursued an Interventional Cardiology fellowship at the University of Massachusetts in Worcester, specializing in percutaneous coronary and peripheral interventions.
His commitment to staying at the forefront of advancements in cardiology is evident in his pursuit of excellence.

His dedication to comprehensive cardiac care is reflected in his diverse certifications, including echocardiography, vascular imaging, and nuclear medicine. He applies these skills along side his expertise in coronary and peripheral interventions allowing for a multi-faceted, holistic approach to patient care, encompassing both diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Allen’s journey exemplifies a fervent dedication to the field of cardiology, driven by a desire to improve patient lives and outcomes. Through his unwavering pursuit of knowledge and his genuine compassion for his patients, he aims to be a paragon of excellence in the landscape of cardiovascular medicine in Austin, Texas.